We prepare your glider for the season and tune it for championships

Fiberglas-Technik Rudolf Lindner GmbH & Co. KG

Anerkannter Instandhaltungsbetrieb DE.MF.0516, Anerkannter Herstellungsbetrieb DE.21G.0118, Anerkannter Entwicklungsbetrieb DOA.AP161 und Certified Technical Air Service LBA-Nr. II-A 139

We are specialiced in

Repairs, maintenance, annual inspections as well as all kinds of finishing for gliders and motorgliders in wood, mixed and composite construction

Repair and maintenance on all rotary engines for ASK 21 MI, ASH 26 E, ASH 25M and ASH 25 MI.

Production and assembling of Winglets for Twin III (SL), ASW 20 and Phoebus to improve and enhance the glider performance and soaring quality.


From 17.08.15 till 30.08.15 LTB-Lindner will be closed for summer vacation.
Our repair service is running at this time anyway.
The support of spare parts and shipping has holiday from 17.08.- 06.09.15 


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